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Thread: Down to two

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    I like Lucia Marie a lot! Feminizations are really not my style, I suppose : ) And there are three ways to pronounce Lucia: Italian (loo-chee-uh); Spanish (loo-see-uh); and English (loo-sha). I prefer the Italian form myself, and all three are equally valid. I think most people will be saying it the Spanish way.
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    I prefer Lucia Marie! I believe there are three correct pronunciations, so I would not assume any one. I would probably go with loo-see-uh or loo-sha if I hadn't been told otherwise. It is a name that requires clarification, so if that's a problem for you I'd think twice.

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    I think they're both absolutely beautiful and I see why you're stumped. Michaela Lucie (Loo-see) would be very cute. Otherwise, I think my vote is for Lucia Marie.

    My preference (and assumption) is for the pronunciation Loo-see-uh. Second is Loo-chee-uh. If it's Loo-sha, I think my vote is for Michaela Rose.
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    I prefer Lucia Marie. Michaela has been overdone and butchered into Makayla/Mikayla, whereas Lucia feels fresh and lovely. I've heard loo-chee-uh, loo-see-uh, and loo-sha for Lucia, but loo-see-uh is my favorite pronunciation. There are four equally valid pronunciations for Lucia, so it's kind of hard to "assume" a pronunciation. Behind the Name: Meaning, Origin and History of the Name Lucia

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    Lucia is beautiful and my favourite but it can run into pronunciation issues because it can be pronounced in three ways. So it may be that no one is actually mispronouncing the name. It may be a case of "it's the way we've heard it". No one is incorrect.

    Italian - loo-CHEE-uh
    Spanish - loo-SEE-uh
    Island - LOO-shuh
    All the best,

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