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Thread: Down to two

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    Down to two

    We are stuck deciding between two girl names: Michaela Rose and Lucia Marie. I have two questions... which do you prefer and how would you pronounce Lucia? I am surprised that I have come across a couple of people who mispronounce the name when they see it written and I just want to know what people would assume is the common pronunciation. Thanks!

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    I would pronounce Lucia Loo-see-uh
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    I prefer Lucia, either pronunciation. I would first read it "Lou-see-uh" (like in Lucy), but I also know a "Lou-sha." I prefer the first pronunciation and I know three Lucia's who say their names that way.

    Is Lucia Rose an option? That would be lovely.

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    Love Lucia! Loo-see-uh

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    I prefer Lucia Marie, but I say Lucia the Italian way (Loo-chee-ah). I've heard Loo-sha as well.
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