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    Excellent choice! I grew up with an Adlai so it would be strange of me to use it as we are still friends, but not so close that I would honor him! I have dreamed up some combos!!

    Adlai Donovan
    Adlai Gideon
    Adlai Beauregard
    Adlai Maxim
    Adlai Maxwell
    Adlai Francis
    Adlai James
    Adlai Mica
    Adlai Nico
    Adlai Peter
    Adlai Quentin
    Adlai Russell
    Adlai Cassius

    Avoid Stephen or -son names in the middle.

    I think it works really well with solid classics like Peter or John as well as occupation names like Hunter or Tailor. It mixes well with so many! My fave is probably Gideon or Donovan!

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