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    A name pronounced differently by each parent

    My husband is Indian and I am American. I don't need Indian name suggestions but would appreciate input on this name:

    Shailu. I pronounce it Shayloo and DH and most Indians would pronounce is SHAHLOO. The vast majority of indian names are pronounced differently from how Americans pronounce them and the ones that are universally pronounced by everyone, I honestly just don't like; they are missing my favorite sounds.

    I like the name enough that I am seriously considering it because it's my favorite Indian girl's name and I just think it's beautiful sounding. I don't hate the SHAHLOO sound and might live with it; I just don't want my daughter to feel weird about it. But I do want to pronounce it SHayloo because it sounds more feminine to my ears. DO you know anyone who has parents that pronounce their names this differently and how do you think they felt about it?

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    Shailu is really pretty. Just for reference's sake, I will tell you that when I see it, I naturally pronounce it SHY-loo.

    I think it's all right to pronounce the names differently. I call my son yoo-LISS-eeze, and Himself pronounces it "yoo-LISS-us." No big deal.

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    If it's a name from a particular culture I would pronounce it how it is supposed to be pronounced or not use it. I'm looking at Finnish names as we live in Finland and am trying to make sure I pronounce them properly. Strangers can be corrected if they pick the wrong prn, as the PP suggests not everyone will automatically pick the proper prn or the one you like. So if if I didn't like the correct pronunciation, I wouldn't use the name, especially if your child will have family from the culture where the name originated. Seems a bit rude to me to make up a pronunciation of a name from your OH's culture just to suit you. Sorry.
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    How about giving her an American sounding/looking name that would still have ties to her father's culture? Besides, I assume she will have her dad's last name? That's quite the tie already.

    I suggest:
    Shae Lou
    Shae Louise
    Shay Lou
    Shay Louise

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    I would pronounce it shy-loo

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