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    I actually quite like them...
    Caira - I actually really like the idea of spelling it this way...However, I actually also liked the idea of using Cairo/Kyro

    Anneliese - I think this is beautiful! Love it!

    Xanthe - I also love this one!

    Marsa -I would actually probably just use Marcel...I think that can stand along as a girl's name....I quite like it too...Did you think of Marcella?
    Marsa...reminds me of MRSA infection....sorry.

    Pegwin - Hmm, this is a bit out there..but not terrible. You know, Peggy is often short for Margaret. I kind of like Winigret better...Hmm...I may be nuts!

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    I adore Xanthe. It's wonderful. I think it has a great sound. I adore Greek names with that -ee ending from the popular - Zoe, Penelope - to the rare - Ione, Calanthe, Xanthe.

    And I love Zoe, Zelda, and Zara. So imagine how much I love Xanthe!

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    The first three are all actual names, so totally don't think they are too weird
    ~Mum to Miles and Ivy~

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    I think they're OK.
    Except Pegwin... can I suggest the name Pearl or Pearla? Peggy means Pearl.
    Xanthe is my favourite from your list.
    Caira- prefer Kyra but understand the spelling link to Cairo and pronounced it as you wanted first time- so not too bad for an invented spelling.
    Anneliese- like it, pretty
    Marsa- not so keen, mainly because I think the average person will remember and write it as Marsha. Which could prove annoying for her.
    Phoebe Eliza Grace arrived after 2 Years of IVF

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    I really like both Caira and Annaliese!

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