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    Anneliese is my favorite. I knew a beautiful and wonderful Anneliese. It is fitting that it honors 2 grandparents. You could potentially spell it Annelies as a slightly easier spelling? I think people could pronounce either one correctly if they saw the name spelled, but would have to ask the pronunciation if they just heard it. I don't think it would be a huge problem.

    I really liked Caira pronounced like Cairo. You could explain the pronunciation by saying it is pronounced like Cairo, but I think people will see it and say care-uh.

    My vote is for Anneliese Caira Hudson because I think Caira will cause more pronunciation/spelling difficulties. But Caira Anneliese Hudson is lovely too!

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    Ooh xanthe is so pretty! I would love to meet a little Xanthe!!
    Pegwin...I would not choose this..but a variation of Peggy (isn't Margaret a variation -someone correct me if im wrong?) or a variation of Winifred ...Winnie seems to be your style & I love that!
    Anneliese-I live Anne and Elise but this is mms.
    Overall though you have some very sweet & totally wearable options!! Good luck

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    In general I think Anneliese is the safest and most "normal" name on your list.
    I like Xanthe and Caira as well. I know Cairo has a lot of meaning for you and thus I think it's a great choice.... I'd however, wait and see how Egypt is doing in a few months. I love the idea of using it as a quirky middle none the less.

    Marsa is nms and remindes me a bit of a mix between Mars and the MRSA Staph-Infection -> the first is fine the second is rather unfortunate. I love the idea behind using this name though.

    I only really have big qualms about Pegwin. It sounds like the name of a Harry Potter Owl. I also immediately thought of Winnipeg, Canada. I actually think Winnipeg could be cute as a name with nn Winnie but it's definitely something you'd have to be brave enough for. Too bad you didn't go to Canada on your honeymoon - lol... Even Winnifred Margaret nn Winnipeg could be cute.
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    Last year there were 240 babies named Anneliese born for every million babies and the name was ranked #403. It's a classic name and you've chosen the classic spelling. If the people you're talking to don't like it or aren't familiar with it, then they're in the minority. It's gorgeous. All the names you've chosen are lovely, but I like Anneliese the best.
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    Caira - I actually kinda like this, but the spelling would be incredibly confusing. I thought of it as Care-ah when I saw it.

    Anneliese - Love it. My favorite.

    Xanthe - Love.

    Marsa - Meh. Not very attractive, in my opinion. What's wrong with Marcella? It's so pretty, and much less confusing.

    Pegwin - I definitely thought of pigs. I'm soooo sorry! I don't want to be mean, but I definitely don't want you to name your daughter something that makes people think of a piglet! :/
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