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    I love that all of the names have significance for your family, but other than that, I am really confused by your list. There doesn't seem to be any kind of style going on. However, I absolutely LOVE Anneliese! This name is on my list, and I don't think the spelling is complicated at all. I would pronounce it Ann-uh-lees... I like the German pronunciation of Anna-leez-uh too, however, I think if you wanted it pronounced that way, it would be pronounced wrong 80% of the time. I also love the nickname options of Annie, Anna, Ellie, and Elise. Sorry, but I really don't like any of the other names on your list. Caira is okay.
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    Anneliese is my favorite, the others are really not my taste
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    Anneliese and Xanthe are lovely names! I'd prefer Cairo myself - maybe as a middle name then. I do like the thought of Pegwin (it sounds so cute!) but also maybe as a middle name.
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    Kyra is a lovely name, why not spell it correctly? The meaning is the same to you, the unusual spelling will mean lots of effort on the part of your child for the rest of their life. That said, be prepared for your daughter to find her name being associated with your honeymoon destination icky ;-)

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    Caira—As far as made-up names go, this one is pretty good. But do understand that you'll have to deal with the stigma of having made up the name—most people will just think you're trying to do a youneek spelling of Kyra. One other thing to consider is that kids don't really like the imagery of their parents' romantic time together, if you catch my drift. No one wants to know that they were named after the place they were conceived, for example, because to a kid, that's just "gross." Even though it was just your honeymoon, I think the potential for embarrassment is still there, especially if you're going to be constantly telling the story behind the name.

    Annaliese—The spelling is not complicated! That's the traditional spelling for the Germanic name. This is a lovely, beautiful, wonderful choice. Absolutely no reason for anyone to see anything wrong with it.

    Xanthe—I get to "xanax" too easily, as a pp mentioned. It's unfeminine.

    Marsa—The disease, MRSA.

    Glad Pegwin is out of the running.

    Annaliese all the way. Stop telling your friends about it so you won't get their (completely unfounded) negative opinions. Come to us instead to get honest, unbiased ones from people who spend a lot of time thinking about names.
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