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    Xanthe is beautiful! It reminds me of another similar name that I love, Ianthe.

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    I would go with Anneliese. It's lovely.
    The others may be harder with having to constantly correct people on pronunciation or spelling, and I personally don't find them as appealing. Pegwin reminds me of "penguin".

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    I love Caira! I don't think its a weird name at all, totally useable. Anneliese it's a little long I'm sure people would end up calling your daughter Annie or Anne. Marsa is ok but definetely useable. Xanthe and Pegwin are too out there and not useable for a girl.
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    When I saw Caira, I had to pause for a second to get the pronunciation (before I looked at your notes) and the first pronunciation that I got was the same as Kyra. And then I thought, "Well, that's a bit close to Cairo, Egypt, no?" And then I read your reasoning for the name! I really like this name and the reasoning for why it is spelled as such. If you're worried about pronunciation, you/your daughter can always say "Like Cairo, Egypt" and people will get it.

    I really like Anneliese as well, and pronounce it the same way that you do. I think it's a beautiful name and I knew an Annalise that went by her full name all the time.

    Marsa is also a great choice! Like another comment said, I wouldn't think twice about it being a "weird" name if I saw it on a school role. If a Marsa introduced herself to me, I would think, "That's a name I've never heard. But it's nice that it's not a wacky, out-there unheard of name."

    I know a lot of people on nameberry love the name Xanthe, but I don't. I do love your reasoning for it (very creative!), but I can never remember how to pronounce it and it reminds me of Xena, Warrior Princess.

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    Xanthe is my favorite! You should just use the name that you love! There is always going to be someone who doesn't like it, no matter what name you use.
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