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    I personally don't care for Caira or Marsa, although they have special meaning to you, because they are a bit too creatively spelled for my taste. Anneliese, I think, is gorgeous, but I prefer Annelies overall as a name. When I say Anneliese, I say it as Anna-Lisa, and Annelies as Anne-Elise. Different spellings could be Annalise, Annelise, or even Annelyse. Xanthe I am a bit indifferent to - I prefer Ianthe. Pegwin, though, I must say sounds quite similar to penguin. I would constantly think of penguins or perhaps mispronounce her as "Penguin" if I met your daughter Pegwin, although I understand the well-meaning association of naming after grandmothers.
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    You could use the name Xandra as an alternative honor name for Alexander.

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    I don't think they are as bad as people say! I love the idea of Pegwin (I have a thing for these kind of names), if I should choose my favourite it'd be Caira.
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    Anneliese and Xanthe would also be my favourites but Caira is quite nice too - I think due to it being pronounced like Cairo with an -a, most people would get the pronunciation straight away, if that was a concern with the name. The others aren't really my style, but I love their special meaning to you. Anneliese Caira Hudson sounds and looks lovely, so that would be my vote, I think. Good luck!

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    Thanks for your opinions everyone. I think Pegwin is going to come off the list, Pegwin Hudson doesn't sound as great as the other names do with our surname.

    I really like the suggestion of Xanthe Caira/Cairo, definitely be putting that one to the husband as a combination later.

    Wildewest - I love the idea of Garrett to honour a Margaret, especially as that is her full name (which she is rarely called, but that's irrelevant.) I didn't think of that one when we were throwing around boy names but I'll hold it in mind for number two.

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