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    I agreed with rkrd. I like them all, actually, and think that if they have meaning to you than they're great options. I would reserve Marsa for a middle name just because it's a little more complicated (she'll be called Marsha by everyone and constantly have to correct). Anneliese is beautiful, in my opinion. She may have to pronounce/spell this one as well, but I think that it makes sense and will easily be understood. The advantage to names like yours (including Caira and Xanthe) is that they're unique without being bizarre or looking made up. The logic is there. My name is Kaleigh, and I always appreciated that it wasn't spelled traditionally (Kaylee), but was still spelled in a way that made sense to people once I told them what it was. It doesn't seem like a "yoo-nique" name, but still has the advantages of setting her apart.

    Pegwin sounds a little "piggy" to me. You could always go with Winnipeg, a city name that also contains both of your Mother's names? I don't think Winnie or Gwin would be too far a stretch on the nick-name front. Or, as Peggy is short for Margaret, you could extend the namesake there--Maregwin/Marigwen maybe? Or save Garret for a boy.

    If you intend to call her Gwen (my preferred spelling), though, then it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of Pegwin, since she'll likely never use it. Although I think just naming her Gwen would be honor enough, provided you explain to your Mom/MIL where the thought originated from.

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    I, too, love Annelise and Xanthe--such strong, romantic names! Pegwin sounds too much like penguin--cute, certainly, but perhaps too cute.

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    I love Xanthe, I have never liked Anneliese (I love Anna and I like Elizabeth, particularly Betsy), the others I'm not really that fond of.

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    The only one I have concerns about is others, I do get the piggish vibe, and I also think of penguins and pigeons. I love the sentiment behind the name and the way you are willing to get creative to find a compromise, but I'd suggest letting this one go in favor of a more workable option. I do think Caira is cute, and I don't get "Mars-with-an-a" from Marsa at all...although I admit, I did just type it "Marsha" and have to correct myself I have a definite favorite in Anneliese (which I also pronounce Ann-a-leese). I know a girl by this name and she's fabulous, plus I think the name itself is very elegant and classic with a twist. Xanthe sounds pretty perfect for you though...she's meaningful to you, as well as echoing the short and spunky vibe of Caira and Marsa. You could even use Cairo as a middle despite the -o ending. Other cities like Paris, London, and Milan are used as names, why not Cairo? Xanthe Cairo Hudson is particularly adorable.
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    Caira - This is fine, though I agree with a previous poster that Cairo would make a superb middle. Xanthe Cairo is pretty fantastic!

    Anneliese - The spelling is perfect, and it's a gorgeous name. By far my favorite. For a simpler option, Ann-Elise as a double first would be rather cute.

    Xanthe - It's not the same name as Alexander, but it is a nice nod in his direction. A fine name--unusual, but elegant.

    Marsa - I'm indifferent to it. It's fine, I prefer Marcia or Marcelline.

    Pegwin - I strongly recommend avoiding this one. Gwendolen Margaret Wynne would honor both and give your husband his Gwen.

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