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    Are our names really that bad?

    Hi all,

    We're expecting a girl in October and have been getting a lot of negative feedback about our name options, that they're too weird to actually use on a child. We want to use names that mean a lot to us rather than just names we like, and we'd prefer something a little bit different, though not too out there.

    We've thrown a lot of names around over the last few months but at the minute we're leaning towards one of:

    Caira - pronounced Ky-rah - My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Cairo, Egypt. As Cairo is pronounced Ky-ro, by changing the last letter to an A gives the same pronunciation as the already established girls' name Kyra, but with a spelling that is more meaningful to us.

    Anneliese - this honours grandparents named Anne and Elizabeth (Elise is a short form of Elisabeth, a variant spelling of Elizabeth). We're getting comments that the spelling is too complicated.

    Xanthe - honours my husband's late father Alexander. Bonus points for my maiden name starting with Th, as well.

    Marsa - pronounced Mar-suh - honours Marcel, a childhood friend of my husband's who died of cancer. We looked at other feminisations of his name but decided we liked this one best.

    Pegwin - honours my mother, Peggy and his grandmother Winifred.

    Our surname is my username, if that makes any difference to you, and we have no middle name picked yet either.

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    renrose Guest
    Anneliese (provided it's anna-leeza) and Xanthe are fine

    Not a fan of any of the others.

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    I agree with renrose.

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    We would pronounce Anneliese like Anna-lease, not with an A on the end. I know some of the others might seem made up but we're ok with that, we like the sound and the look of them and also what they mean to us.

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    Anneliese and Caira are fine, Xanthe is fine but nms at all.

    The others sound pretty bad
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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