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    I think Lincoln definitely works (it's nms personally but to each their own!). I also agree that any uptick in the naming of baby Lincolns will be small-- the percentage increase may be high, but the overall number will be small.

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    also just thought of Malcolm? has a similar feel to Lincoln

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    Laughing "boyandgirl" - My husband really likes William and Henry. I do as well, I just find them a bit too plain. His ultimate favorite is John. We actually would have named out 2000 baby Henry had she been male, but it seems there are just so many at the playground in recent years . . . .

    Malcolm is lovely too.

    Thanks for your thoughts collmcc523 - I hope that you are correct!

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    Lincoln gets my vote. MacCleod is too outlandish and French doesn't go well with your sibset (and it isn't my style at all.).
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