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    I vote Lincoln, it's so handsome! It works amazingly well in your sibset.

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    I think Lincoln fits with the sib-set.

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    MacLeod or Lincoln sounds good, French is too much.

    Cora, Matilda and MacLeod
    Cora, Matilda and Lincoln

    MacLeod's definitely more unusual, but I kinda like it. It's a bold choice, and I love the nn Mac.
    Cora, Matilda, and Mac

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    I agree Lincoln works well with your 2 girls. i do also like MacLeod. its my best friends surname & she is very proud of it.

    i have also recently started taking more of an interest in Howard! i love the nn Howie on a little boy & i havent heard of ANYone using it lately!! it goes beautifully with your girls names too.

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    Thanks friends for all the feedback! This is great! I am especially interested that you do not think Lincoln will become popular. My mother likes Howard as a first as well, but I am just not sure.

    Laughing at the description of MacCleod as a "bold choice" - my dearest friend from high school and I were talking about bold boy names last week and she was saying that those little boys with the boldest names (she is a pediatrician and sure sees a lot of them) are always the most awkward. This characterization gives me reservations.

    Thanks again and keep 'em coming!

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