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    Request for guidance, please . . . .

    Dear fellow naming geeks,

    We are expecting a third baby (gender unknown as is our MO with babies) this winter and struggling as ever with male baby names. Our daughters are Cora Ophelia (2000) and Matilda Alexander (2006). My husband and I both tend to like a bit of whimsy and uniqueness with female names and have come to a consensus on several possible female names early for this pregnancy as we have in the past. But, for male offspring, we are less productive. I tend to like more unique, but traditional names while my husband is of the John and William sort. While, I do find those names to be lovely, they just don't have the unique quality I am seeking. My husband and I have always enjoyed the process of naming and want to continue with this wonderful tradition in our partnership.

    Here are a few possibilities that my husband will consider . . . . our surname is clearly Scotch Irish but not a McName.

    MacCleod (possibly call him Mac - family surname)
    Lincoln (this was a top contender for the 2006 baby had she been male, lost a dear friend that year with the same name at the age of 96 that year, but am concerned about the recent popularity with the film)
    French (the first name of my husband's grandfather, born 1890s - though my husband has been saying recently that perhaps he can only consider this as a middle name)

    Possible middle names include Keeney, Harris, and Howard - all have familial significance, but we have not exhausted all the possibilities at this time.

    Any thoughts or feedback on the above names or suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Thanks, Hallie

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    I like MacCleod, and calling him Mac. It's a sweet name, plus the family surname would be great to honor.
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    I love MacCleod, but perhaps w/a 3 syllable middle name like MacCleod Harrison, Jameson or Jonathan.

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    I think Lincoln goes well with your sib-set, and I really think it won't get too popular. It's too good a name to pass up : ) MNs:

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    The best "fit" is definitely Lincoln, and I don't think the name is going to get more than a small surge of popularity in the real world, about the same as the increase in popularity of Cora and Matilda. I think MacCleod is a cool name for a boy, but doesn't fit in as well. I'm not crazy about French as a first name. I think Lincoln Harris is a good combo.

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