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    Back to square 1 with E girl names - thoughts on these?

    Looks like Emme is not working out so I'm back to the drawing board.

    Need full names for these nns:
    Estie - Maybe Estine?
    Ensie - Does this get lumped in with McKenzie?
    Enley/Enlie - Enley might look like a misspelled Henley, also could get lumped in with all the -ley endings.

    Essalie - husband does not like nn Essie, so full name only here
    Elora - probably too close to my Ellie

    Non E name: Millie. What about full name Millette like Millette Alexander? Too feminine and frilly?

    Siblings are Ellie & Evie

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    I think some of these feel really forced. I like nn, but most of the time they develop naturally. Your daughters' names and nicknames are actual names, so they feel less forced than some of your choices. Not sure if you'll like these, but some of my favorite E names.

    Eden- I really like this with your girls' names. Maybe Edie?

    Good luck!
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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    What about Estella... and calling her Essie? it has the same sound as your other daughters, but a completely different "E" beginning.

    Estie seems too close to Etsy... I think people might say it that way if they read it too fast.

    Good luck!
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    What about Echo? It's so short that it doesn't need a nickname and it has a distinctive ending.

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    Estie could be Estelle or some variation.
    Ensie is just odd to my eyes and ears.
    Ley endings are not nearly as trendy as son-ending and maiden rhyming names. But you are correct that it will get confused with Henley because that is a better known name.
    Essalie is unique enough to stand on it's own.
    ELora is nice-too bad you have an Ellie as yes I think it's extremely close.
    My favorite E names are Ellowyn,Ever, Elaine, Eleanor, Eirian, Esme, Esmerie, Eve, and Ellen.

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