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    About to be an aunty. My sister needs two names for twins!

    My lil sis India has just had twins. One boy and one girl. They're both as adorable as heaven but they need names!
    My sister is big on mythical ones for she loved all the names of the characters in our childhood faerie tales, but she doesn't want her kids getting bullied at school, so nothing ridiculous. Something unusual but independent. Any ideas??? Thanks.

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    renrose Guest
    She had eight months and didn't come up with any suggestions already?

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    She did, but she couldn't make up her mind. She wanted to wait until they were born before she chose, just in case the names didn't fit.

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    Her previous choices; Faye and Adam were quickly dismissed once she gave birth.
    She likes Nyxe, Olwen, Accalia, Star and Skye for a girl, but she's still clueless about the boy's name.

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