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    HELP! Name apathy, baby will be born tomorrow.

    This is #4 and we are having an awful time with names. We are team green. I think we have finally settled on a girls name but no such luck with the boys.

    My dh likes names that are more common. I prefer to stay out of the top 100 at least. Anything in the top 10 is out!

    We have an awful ln to work with, it rhymes with Dolly.

    Sibling names are Morgan, Camden, and Kason

    On our list so far...

    Lincoln (my husband likes this one best but I have a negative association to someone I know that just taints it for me)
    Levi (my favorite even though it is common, my dh doesn't like it)
    Hudson (on the list because I loved it my first few months of pregnancy but now it just seems blah, dh didn't really like it either)

    I should also mention that we both love Holden. However, we are quite hick and in our world holdin' is a verb (I am holdin' Holden, lol). But similar names would be nice.
    I also love Ezra but have a family member with this name.

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    bailibsmum Guest
    Ok firstly i see you end names with an N... so following that pattern...

    Holden, Jenson,Judson,Jackson, Ashton, Devon, Madden, Aidan, Alban, Alden, Arden,Austin, Bevan, Braden, Brennan, Clayton, Colton, Conan, Corbin, Dalton, Damon, Dawson, Dayton, Dillon/Dylan, Evan, Grayson, Hayden, Keegan, Keenan, Kellen, Kingston, Kylan, Landon, Lawson, Layton, Logan, Marlon, Riordan, Rohan, Ronan, Ryan, Rylan, Soren, Talon, Tobin, Trevin, Weston, preston hope that helps.. other wise...

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    Out of your list Lincoln seems like the best choice!
    Other ideas are:

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    If Lincoln has a negative association there are the options of Lachlan and Lorcan.

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    I think Holden goes very well with the sibling names - If you both feel good about Holden, maybe that's your name! I like the others as well... I'm having name apathy as well, so I understand.

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