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    Oh, I adore Flora Blair. I think the flow is great, and Flora is perfect with your kids names. Flora Hero is rather dashing--I love Hero the Shakespearean name, though I'm less keen on Hero to honor firefighters etc as then it feels a bit odd.

    The a to o transition in Flora Olive gets my tongue a bit tangled.

    Greta Ivy is my favorite of the Greta options--and I do like Greta quite a lot, but Flora seems to go better with your kids.

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    Another vote for Flora Blair!

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    Great names!!

    I think I like Flora Blair the best. I don't think you can go wrong with any, though.
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    Greta Blair is my favourite. I'm a sucker for family names, especially maiden names. Two of my kids have their grandmother's maiden names in the middle, and the next one is bound to have mine in the middle That said, I absolutely LOVE the idea of using Hero in the middle. I've loved it since seeing Much Ado About Nothing several years ago (Kate Beckinsale brings her to life on screen). If Blair doesn't suit her, PLEASE go for Hero!

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    Wow thanks everyone seems that Greta Blair and Flora Blair are the favorites - which is funny because they are our faves too.
    Hero was not to honor firefighters or any public heroes but the heroes if our family, it also is to honor my father who is a Shakespeare fan (he did act in a production of Much Ado About Nothing so we thought that was kind if sweet. Which name Fliws better with our last name H@rris?

    Flora Blair H@rris
    Flora Hero H@rris
    Greta Blair H@rris
    Greta Hero H@rris


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