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    Which name is the best fit?

    Hello, we think we have settled on a first name of baby #7! but are still unsure of her middle name, which name best fits with our other kids names?

    Our other kids are:
    Scarlett Wren (she gets called Scout by the family)
    Felix James (he is often called Fox)
    Hugo Brave
    Gray Atticus

    Piper Pearl (she is often called Pip or Poppy)
    and Sage Lola

    so the names we are thinking for #7 are:

    Flora Blair - Blair is DH's mothers maiden name and would be sweet to honor her.
    Flora Ivy
    Flora Olive - This is my favourite, but DH doesn't agree with me.
    Flora Hero - We have been wanting Hero as a middle name for a long time to honour ALL of the heroes in our life.
    We are also tossing around Greta as a first name so:

    Greta Blair
    Greta Ivy
    Greta Olive
    Greta Hero

    Which are your favourites? please help!! Thanks

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    I absolutely love Greta Ivy with your sibset.
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    Flora Blair is lovely, but I agree Greta Blair fits better. But love more Flora.
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    Greta Blair, Greta Ivy and Greta Olive all sound great

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    Flora Blair - Love this!!

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