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    Well, I don't have any kids yet (I'm only 17), but my mom always said she wanted at least ten and she got eight. I want ten or twelve.
    By the way, good for you for being open to having more!
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    I've always said 2 or 3, but we'll only go to three if we get two of the same gender in a row. But that's in addition to his daughter of a previous marriage. And now I'm picturing it more realistically and think 3 is really the magic number, because 2 seems like not enough and 4 too many. But we'll see when the time comes. I know all the psychology and studies about having 3 children and how difficult it is on a family.... I don't know. Three just seems right, but we'll see when I actually have 2 kids. My SO comes from a large family as well, and doesn't want to repeat that experience.

    I'm also concerned about things like overpopulation and the planet, but also about how college educated people don't have a lot of children and our finances... there's a lot that goes into having children more than "I want kids!"
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    The number I want and what I can have are probably going to be very different. Ideally we'd like 5 but because I'm disabled its not likely to happen even before you factor in finances. Realistically I'm thinking 2 or 3.

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    My husband and I would like a large family. At least 6 but ideally 8-12. I know in the U.S. that sounds outrageous, but we've both grown up around large families and consider them wonderful blessings. Though I'll take as many as the Lord grants me whether that's 2 or 20 (well, hopefully less than 20).
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    At least three!

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