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    I am the youngest of 4 and my boyfriend is the second oldest of 4 so I think 4 might be our magic number too. We come from a town where it's pretty normal to have 5 or 6 kids though. He always tells me he wants 7 which I pray to god is a joke. He won't admit that he doesn't really want 7 though so I'm a little concerned haha.

    I think he's just kind of like me and we both get swept up in the naming and imagining of little babies running around everywhere. I nanny right now though and can say that sometimes after the end of a long day I'm so happy that I get to give the kids back to mom/dad and go home. I can't even imagine how tiring it must be to be a parent.
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    I come from a family of six kids and am surrounded by large families that have six or more kids so I have always thought a large family would be wonderful. Obviously financial prosperity must be considered and I have no idea how many children my future spouse would want, but it would be lovely to have a lot of children.
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    I'm thinking I want up to three but no more than that. I'm one of four and it's a little chaotic for my taste.
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    I agree. I'm also one of four. While I loved the chaos growing up, I think it would be very difficult to raise four children today, especially in NYC and Paris (my hometown and where my husband and I currently live, respectively). We had our first child this year, and think two or three would be our limit.

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    No more than 4 but at least 2

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