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    How many babies did you want?

    When I got married I wanted 2 children preferably (a boy and a girl) and thats what I got. I had William and Darcie who are two years apart and I was so super happy. Then when they were 7 and 9 we had our beautiful accidents. I found out I was pregnant again I was like Hmm, alright. We can handle one more baby. Then we went for the scan and we heard, "CONGRATS! Your having twins!" I think I sat in the same position for about 17 minuets and wouldn't let anyone talk to me. But when Madeline and Jamie were bornI realised how much I missed having babies around! The six of us are doing great and now I'm thinking I could handle one more... or two...

    How many children did/do you want and how do you want?

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    Four is my magic number. It depends on finances more than anything.
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    I always said 4. This is my 4th pregnancy but my 3rd ended in MC. I know I can't handle being pregnant again (I have bad symphysis pubis dysfunction) so we will have to be happy with 3
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    My husband and I would like three, but we've yet to do one, so we'll see how we feel in a few months when we are sleep-deprived parents to a newborn. I want at least one more, though, because I just can't imagine growing up without a sibling. I had three siblings and I just love them to pieces.

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    We want 3 or 4.
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