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    Why is sibset so important?

    I am due with a daughter next month and have a son. Help me understand why sibsets are important? Why do my kids names need to sound perfectly compatible together? What is it I am missing here?

    Also, for your opinion on my names:

    DS is named Tejan Anakin. Tejan is pronounced tay-jin and is sanskrit because DH is Indian. Anakin we just liked and no we are not star wars fans and could care less who darth vader is.

    I don't like most Indian girl names. This time for a girl we are considering the following:

    Annika Belle
    Audrey Annika
    Diana Karthayini
    Mayuri Sky

    Are any of these particularly incompatible with Tejan? And why does it matter? And which do you like

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    Of the names you suggested, the only one I don't like is Audrey, and that is just a matter of personal taste,; it is not a bad sounding name. I really like Annika, Diana, and Mayuri, and I think Belle, Karthayini and Sky are all beautiful middle names that would go with any of the firsts. Annika is probably my favorite though, I like it with all of the middles.

    Sibling names do not have to go together. You should always use names you love. Lots of people like their sibsets to sound well together - I'm included in that group, I think because I don't want one of my children feeling like their name is more this or that than the others - though I'm sure they are bound to dislike their names at one point or another no matter how hard I try to equalize them. However, I don't think they necessarily have to match in style, just feeling.

    I think Tejan is a great name, and who cares if it isn't the same style/language as your daughter's name? I don't think Diana and Tejan or Audrey and Tejan sound great together (but they are very rarely going to be introduced together, so that really doesn't matter). Would I be surprised if I met them? No. I'd be interested, and honestly, a little pleased. I'd want to give you a pat on the back for giving them such good names.

    I find it much more shocking and disappointing when I meet siblings with very similar names, or what is essentially the same name, i.e., Melissa and Alyssa, Daniel and Danielle, Jayden and Jayda, John and Jack. It seems like such a waste; you have the opportunity to name these beautiful babies, to help shape their personas, and you give them the same name?! Do you really hate all other names so much?!
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    Aw, thanks that gives me warm fuzzies:-)

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    It's just a preference. If you don't give a hoot about how your kids' names sound together, more power to you. Audrey is my favorite name on your list. I do think it's funny that you used Anakin and claim not to have been influenced by Star Wars. Where else would you have heard the name?
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    I am one of the people who isn't concerned with sibsets. I actually really like Tejan and Audrey as brother and sister, but probably because I think Audrey sounds so sweet.

    Good luck and choose what you love!

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