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    It bugged me as a kid that my name was ethnic, hard to pronounce, and incredibly hard to spell (as in, people of the same background couldn't spell it, because my mom had tried to phoneticize it... and nobody else could say it or spell it even so...) and my sister's name was in the Top Five of the decade. That was a hell of a contrast. Middle names? Same thing, mine was a very odd, very masculine name, and hers was Rose. So. Yeah.

    I didn't even care if I had been something like a Jennifer Lynn or she had been something as odd as what I was, but I didn't like the incredible contrast.

    I don't think origins/languages matters that much, personally, I just use a Weirdness Spectrum. If I was naming one kid John I wouldn't name the other Tzvi. I like both names. But they're different ends of the Weirdness Spectrum. I don't give a dang about Tzvi and Eoin not matching languages, or John and Hezekiah both being Biblical though.

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    It's not that important, but it does appear awkward/weird. I personally prefer sibsets to match because it makes them fit together better, sounds more like a family, imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by catloverd View Post
    I personally prefer sibsets to match because it makes them fit together better, sounds more like a family, imo
    this is my sentiment. if i have more than one kid, i want them to 'sound' like they're siblings.
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    I think Tejan would go great with any of the names you like. Sib-sets aren't really important, but I probably wouldn't name two brothers, say, Riordan Patrick and Francisco Javier. But that's common sense : )
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    I only think sibsets are important because you say the names together A LOT. It would feel very awkward to me to have 2 names that didn't flow well together.
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