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    Eight adopted kids?!

    Im a hair dresser and a lady came into my work this morning with all her kids and they all got haircuts. My coworker saw them come in and she told me that she used to work with the mother a few years ago and all but two of those kids were adopted. And as a few of them are blood siblings, they were adopted together. I got most of their names and I wanted to know what everyone thought! I can't imagine having eight kids to name in the span of just a few years.

    The oldest is 12 and the youngest is 4.

    Archie (short for something maybe?)
    Balina (love this!)
    Katie (Kathryn maybe?)
    Para (?)

    I know Joseph was one of her biological kids but I don't know who the other one was. Opinions!
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    Balina is cute. Saline means 'salt'. Love Zachary, Katie and Joseph!

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    Saline as in salt water? Are you sure it wasn't spelled Selene, as in the moon goddess (pron. Suh-leen)?

    I like Mae and Archie, the rest are nmsaa. Though she may not have been allowed to choose the names of all of them. None of the names are awful though!
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    As for the Saline I used to do a procedure everyday for medical reasons using saline i'd make up, just simple salt water. I have a different thing now but yeah..saline is salt water. Maybe Selene as in the moon goddess?

    I can't imagine having 8 kids! All the names sound ok to me. Like greyer said though since many were adopted they may not have choosen names for some of them.
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    Intresting names. i know a family with 1 biological child and 6 adopted children. All 6 adopted children share the same birth motger and were adopted through the foster care system.

    On the note of naming so many children, my parents had 7 children in 9 years (1 set of twins) and we all got named Apparently without any arguments!
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