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    A sister for Luke and Isla

    We are about to welcome Baby #3 and are very far from having a name for her! Our other children are Isla and Luke and I love their names individually and as a set. I'm having a hard time finding a name for their little sister that works well with their names, and is something that I love. With Isla in particular, I just knew that was the name. I loved it when I first heard it and have never looked back. This time, I feel like my choices are all over the map.

    Here are some of the names we've liked recently, in no particular order:

    I'm open to new suggestions, I want something that's not extremely popular and has some style. I'm fine with going into the delivery room with a list and making a final decision after we meet her, but I'm worried that I won't feel any more certain when she's here. Please help!
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    Ruby and Claire came to my mind and I see you like them as well. I think they both go very nicely with Luke and Isla. I like Felicity as well, as long as your last name isn't too many syllables. Good luck & Beautiful names!

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    Claire is my favorite and it goes with the siblings.

    Good Luck

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    I think Claire fits your sibset well. It's short, classic, but still very modern. Claire Felicity or Claire Adelaide/Adeline would be pretty combos.
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    Sage would be a great fit!

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