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    Ophelia - have gotten kinda trendy, like stripedsocks suggestion of the underused Opal
    Jemima - stuck on Mrs. Butterworth arch rival, too strong a connotation - skip it
    Eilidh - skip it, way to much hassle living with spelling and pronounciation questions her entire life
    Margaret - go with Marguerite to get away from the alcohol connotation
    Cosima - seems like a 'trying too hard to be different' name, doesnt roll off the tongue very well
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    I like Ophelia and Margaret.
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    Ophelia- so gorgeous, the only thing that is holding me back is that it reminds me of the bleeding disorder hemiophilia and other disorders ending in philia.
    Jemima- I love this name and it's meaning, I am in the States where it has a negative racial association, but I know it's quite fashionable in England where you are so you may not have to be concerned with the negative connotations
    Eilidh- pretty, but I could see pronunciation and spelling corrections her whole life
    Margaret/Greta (I really want to love Margarita but I can't not think of the pizza/cocktail)- Great classic, Greta is sweet, I prefer Margo/t as a nn
    Cosima- ooh so lush and exotic, I adore Cosima!

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    Thank you for all the feedback!

    I'm in the UK, so Eilidh's pn and spelling isn't a particuarly big issue.
    And I literally have only ever heard the syrup connection with Jemima from people on Nameberry.
    And whatever racially oppressive message it apparently is linked to, that's to do with the company and branding and not with the name. The name itself is not racist and frankly that's a ridiculous comment to make.

    I do love Marguerite as well, but I think Greta is a bit of a stretch from it (especially because it's *so* French and Greta is *so* German).
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    Ooh, nice little list!

    Ophelia - beautiful sound, looks lovely, Hamlet, two of my favourite songs, Waterhouse and Millais paitings... Lia is adorable nickname, or Filia.
    Jemima - beautiful! Jemima Puddle Duck! I adore this name, it's so sweet, kind and inviting. Jem, Mimi, Ima...
    Eilidh - Very very pretty, and no problems in England. Super adorable.
    Margaret/Greta - Love Greta. Margaret is fine too.
    Cosima - Oooh, the cuteness. Sounds so cosy and delicious, like hot chocolate and hot water bottles.

    I also like Domino... it's very chic and intriguing.
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