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    Baby Due in December- Out of Steam

    I'm feeling really stressed right now, and I need some opinions. I have three children and I am pregnant with my fourth (due in December). I've never asked for any opinions on baby names before. My husband and I just picked names we liked and announced them to family after the birth. Right now I'm asking everyone I know (and even people I don't know...that's where you come in) for advice on what to name this baby. It's driving me crazy, and it can't be very healthy to stress about it this much (not to mention I don't really have time to just sit around and worry about it, which is what I have-- regretfully-- been doing).

    I have three wonderful little girls. The problem is that I've used up all of my favorite girl names. In fact, I used up all of my favorite girl names after the first 2 (I regret picking my third daughter's name, but it was in the eleventh hour and my husband really liked it-- but all of that is another story). I am burnt out on girl names. I would be thrilled to have another girl join my family, but the idea of naming her is kind of infuriating.

    I'll be honest, I don't even know if this little one is a girl. I won't know until next week. But the anticipation is KILLING me. I don't know what to expect, because this pregnancy has been (so far) a lot like my last one (which was completely different from my first two, but still ended up being a girl).

    Wow, that was a rant. Sorry about that. I know I must sound crazy, but I just don't want to regret this little one's name. I want to pick something that everyone can be happy with. I haven't even thought about boys names. I still have some favorites picked out from earlier pregnancies, but I haven't thought about them in so long, I don't even know if I still like them (but I guess that's for another thread...this is more pressing on my nerves right now).

    My Lovelies:
    Sarah (who mostly goes by Sadie)

    The only name that my husband and I keep coming back to is Helen (or maybe Ellen), but I just don't love it. Perhaps I'm too emotional about it right now and I won't actually like anything. I guess what I'm hoping is that one of you will suggest something and it'll click. Any suggestions?

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    My little man O.P. arrived June 2015
    My sweet baby girl A.V. arrived June 2017
    Maeve Noelle-Violet Anneliese-Arianne Lily-Zoe Annabel-Gwen Emilia-Elena Odette-Caroline Mae-Ella Paige-Eve-Maren-Sophie-Rose-Nora

    Finn Jameson-Jack Emerson-Emmett Parker-Miles Alden-Henry Dean-Archer Daniel-Rhys Everett-Brennan Oliver-Cody James-Harrison Fox

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    If you like Helen maybe you will like Helena?
    other suggestions:
    Lily, Alice, Sarah and Amelia/Emilia
    Lily, Alice, Sarah, and Hannah
    Lily, Alice,Sarah, and Eva
    Lily, Alice, Sarah, and Clarissa
    Lily, Alice, Sarah, and Violet
    Lily Alice, Sarah, and Cora
    Lily, Alice, Sarah, and Eliza
    Lily, Alice, Sarah, and Flora
    Lily, Alice, Sarah, and Grace
    Lily Alice, Sarah, and Julia/Juliet
    Lily, Alice, Sarah, and Lucy
    Lily, Alice, Sarah and Mabel
    Lily, Alice, Sarah, and Ruby
    Hope this helped!
    Raquel-23 year old who loves names, books, and languages

    Ladies: Clara Josephine, Amelia Juliet, Louisa Genevieve, Rose Caroline, Charlotte Rosamund, Eleanora Winter, Marina Adelaide, Emmeline Margot, Alice Primrose,Annabel Frances, Catherine Isabella, Vivienne Lucille
    Gentlemen: Frederick Arthur Louis, Nicholas Hugo, Henry Oliver, William Grey, Matthew Isaiah, Thomas Alaric, George Everett, Edmund Tobias, Asher Benjamin, and James Raphael

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    Those of you who mentioned Lucy-- The name has been on my mind for a while now, but the more I think about it, the more I think it is too close to Lily for it to work.

    No one suggested this, but as I was reading off some of your suggestions to my husband, he brought up Chloe. Do you think Chloe works with our existing girls? I'm not feeling very excited about it right now, but I feel like it's worth thinking about. He also likes Ruby, but I don't really know how I feel about that one.

    From your suggestions, I really REALLY like Mabel. In fact, I'm the closest to being happy with a name than I have been since my second pregnancy. But I don't think I can use it (OF COURSE). Our last name is two syllables and kind of rhymes with Mabel.

    Nora may be another one to consider, but does it rhyme too much with Sarah?

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