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    love it! but there is the Icky nickname
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    Well his myth isnt my favorite but it's still a cool name. Although the Icky part is terrible. I still believe that Daedalus is a more bad a ** name.
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    It's kinda cute, I actually like it! I was unaware of the myth. However would be concerned it would be shortened to Icky. Though even Icky isn't so bad.

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    As a first name, I wouldn't use Icarus. As a middle name, I would most definitely use it!
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    If you really like Icarus, then go for it. Obviously, the Icky nickname is possible, but so is the "cooler" nickname Iggy. Maybe he'll prefer to go by his initials, maybe he'll be a fast runner and earn the title of "Speedy" or "Flash", you never know what the child might prefer to be called. And depending on your school system, other kids might not even be aware of the mythology for quite a while. I say its usable, I would love to meet a little boy named Icarus.

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