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    Stuck between two names. Help!!!!

    I am stuck between two boys names. The first being Tucker James Glenn. The second is Kit Richardson James.
    After having 3 boys previously I have a sense of what I like. but I will admit, one of these names are mine and one is my husbands. haha.

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    I like the overall concept of Tucker James Glenn, but not Tucker. The unfortunate rhymes for that are...unfortunate, indeed. I'm thinking Kit is traditionally a girls' name, and while I think you could get away with it as a nn, I wouldn't use it as the given name. Sorry for the negative reviews!

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    I love Tucker James...not Glenn (unless it's an honor name of a very deserving person)...Perhaps Tucker Richardson James? Kit sounds a bit cartoonish, but not terrible.

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    Neither of them hold up as first names for my personal taste. I do like Kit - for a nn of something longer (Christopher). Tucker is cute - for a little boy. Unfortunately, the sound of it rhymes with a bad word and it sounds so childish that I don't think it would age well.

    Since you like them and haven't told us your older boys names, I'll give you this advice.

    If your other boys have surnames or occupational names...choose Tucker.

    If your other boys have "nicknames for first names"...choose Kit (I think this is the better option if I had to pick).
    All the best,

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    1. I second the suggestion of Tucker Richardson James.. it sounds good, and also includes names from both of your it's not like his name choice and my name choice, it's sort of a compromise.. sidenote: I agree with everything mischa said.

    2. Tucker James Glenn: I like Tucker James, but not Glenn :/ as far as the..ergh..similar sounding words of Tucker, I would first make sure your other kids can say it correctly, depending on how old they are. When we got our kitten, my mom wouldn't let us name him Tucker until she asked my then 5-year-old, live-in niece to say it. Once she heard that she could say Tucker without it sounding like another word, she let us name him.

    3. Kit Richardson James: Kit is the name of one of the American Girl Dolls, which I owned, so I can't shake that image out of my head :/ sorry!

    From the two choices you gave, as they are, I'd have to side with Tucker James Glenn.
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