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    Smile Finding a Middle Name for Hero

    There have been posts about this before but my husband hasn't like any of the suggestions, so I thought I'd try again.

    We love the name Hero. So much so that we're almost afraid to use it. We're trying to find a simple middle name to use with it (one she could fall back on if she was completely and totally embarrassed by her name at any point), but that doesn't have two syllables to avoid sounding silly with our last name (Earley - like early). (If you think that's dumb and 2,2,2 sounds good, feel free to ignore me and suggest some names!)

    Another consideration (for my husband) is that some of our family is very southern and unread (for lack of a nicer term). This family had trouble with the first grandchild was named Ian (spelling it Eon and not even comprehending it as a name in the beginning). So we're looking for a middle name that isn't too grandiose or historical (even though we like those kinds of names).

    So.... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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