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    Smile Finding a Middle Name for Hero

    There have been posts about this before but my husband hasn't like any of the suggestions, so I thought I'd try again.

    We love the name Hero. So much so that we're almost afraid to use it. We're trying to find a simple middle name to use with it (one she could fall back on if she was completely and totally embarrassed by her name at any point), but that doesn't have two syllables to avoid sounding silly with our last name (Earley - like early). (If you think that's dumb and 2,2,2 sounds good, feel free to ignore me and suggest some names!)

    Another consideration (for my husband) is that some of our family is very southern and unread (for lack of a nicer term). This family had trouble with the first grandchild was named Ian (spelling it Eon and not even comprehending it as a name in the beginning). So we're looking for a middle name that isn't too grandiose or historical (even though we like those kinds of names).

    So.... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Please know that I don't mean any of this harshly.......My suggestion would be to put Hero in the middle. I know a lot of berries think Hero is great and a nod to literature, but I can't not fathom having to use that name in real life. A family friend just had a grandson named Hero, and the reactions have been 99.99999999 % negative. Everyone just feels sorry for the poor little guy. If you love it, then I would put it in the middle as a way to appreciate the name, but not saddle the child with it on a daily basis. I apologize if this is too harsh.

    That being said, I will give some simple suggestions:


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    Definitely not too harsh! We've discussed middle-ing the name at length, but feel that we may as well not use it at all at that point. The plan is to find a middle name for it and set it on the shelf for a while. Think of other names, and decide when the time comes. It just seems like (to us) you have to own it, or not use it.

    I love Clare and Jane. Those have been on my list!

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    I, personally, love the name Hero. I think a smart call would be to pick a middle that's common or has a common middle name, in case she's not as big a fan (why wouldn't she be??)

    Hero Genevieve (nn Gena)
    Hero Gabrielle
    Hero Emerson (nn Emma, although maybe not with Earley? Up to you on the initials HEE)
    Hero Elisabeth (Ee-lie-suh-beth) -will be mispronounced by DH's family but who cares. All the benefits of Elizabeth nicknames but with a little flair
    Hero McKenna (or McKenzie, McKayla, etc.)

    And for two-two-twos
    Hero Elise
    Hero Leah
    Hero Diane
    Hero Michelle
    Hero Morgan
    Hero Danielle

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    Great suggestions! Isn't it always a bummer when you have to rule out names because you know SO many people that already have them. My name is Catherine, my cousin is Elizabeth, both our middle names are Marie, and a good friend of mine is Leah. I do love the classic feel with Hero though.

    I like both Elise and Diane (maybe Diana?). Apparently I have an affinity for names that end in vowels, specifically A!

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