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    Please leave the boys names to the boys.

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    Not really sure why some people are saying Reeve is strictly a boy's name, as it's a surname and thus unisex. I personally see it as feminine because it makes me think of Reese, which I also always think feels feminine. I do agree, however, that the sound of Reeve is a little harder than Nolan and Leland and thus perhaps sounds a little more masculine than your boys, which I would avoid. Of your choices, I think Felicity might fit in better with your sibset.

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    I like the suggestion of Reva.

    Reese is another viable option. But no, to Reeve.
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    Ehh...the only reason I'm saying it's potentially usable is because I know a 15-year-old girl named Reeves. I'm not sure where that came from, although I've heard tell it's after Christopher Reeves. Her middle name is her mother's maiden name, so in all, her name sounds like a law firm...which is what plain Reeve makes me think of :/ especially with known a Reeves, Reeve sounds incomplete to me..

    I like someone else's suggestion of Reva better..
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    The point about Meredith being a boy's name more commonly used in girls, and reeve being more tied to boys is a valid one. If I saw your three kids Nolan Meredith and Reeve, I'd say Meredith has two brothers for sure.

    My personal reaction to the name is ambivalence, I think there are better choices (though I wouldn't discount it for a middle name). I love the firefly TV show (joss wheden) and in it there are these terrifying creatures they call reevers (reavers?). So that's my first impression of the name, and it's kind of a strong one to me, but I don't think many other people would have a clue what I'm talking about,

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