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    Reeve for a girl?

    We're due in January with #3; my husband and I are struggling with names...mostly because he is so darn stubborn! I am trying to sell him on a couple of my favorites: Leland for a boy (family name) and Reeve for a girl.

    I recently read a book about the Lindbergh family, so Reeve Lindbergh instantly comes to mind and makes the name seem like an obvious girl choice; my husband thinks it sounds like a boy's name (come to think of it, we had this argument over "Avery" once!). Am I crazy? Is there enough weight to the Lindbergh association to make it usable for a girl?

    FYI, also on MY short list this time around: Leland (family name), Dashiell, Felicity and Juliet. Hubby is warming to Dashiell, but adores Lincoln. His favorite girl name is Sarah. We already have son Nolan Curtis and daughter Meredith Jaymes; my top picks for #3 are Reeve Catherine and Leland Timothy.

    Thanks for your input!

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    When I first see Reeve written down, I think boy, as with most surnames.

    Have you considered Neve or Maeve which have a similar sound to Reeve but are decidedly feminine?

    I can see that your daughter already has Jaymes for a middle name, this makes me think that Reeve shouldn't bother you so much and she could grow into her name if it is what you choose.
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    I'm not head over heels in love with it, but I actually do like Reeve on a girl! However, I think that the Lindbergh association is pretty obscure. I realized reading your explanation that I had heard of that before, but it didn't come to mind when I read the title of your post, and I think that many other people will have never heard of Reeve Lindbergh.

    A more current pop culture reference might be Reeve Carney, a male actor who recently starred in that Spider-Man musical that was on Broadway. He's not well-known by any means, but he's been in a few small things and is set to star in an upcoming Jeff Buckley biopic.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with Reeve, but I see it as more gender ambiguous and definitely not an "obvious girl choice."

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    I don't think it's usable for a girl. What about Reva? Same sound (with an added 'a'). Reva Catherine is pretty.

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    Oh please no! It is my absolute favorite boy name

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