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    A few I'm thinking about

    Do you think Mackenzie and Mikayla sound too much alike? My name is Mikayla, and while i like Mackenzie i'm afraid it will sound too much like my own name. Thoughts??

    And what about Tira? How would you pronounce it??

    And whats your fav spelling of Haylee? I know there are tons of ways to spell it, and I can't really decide which one I like the best.

    And last question... your thought about Katherine? my mom is pushing for this one, but i'm not a big lover of classic names. How does it sound with Parker? Kit, Kitty or something else as a nickname?
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    I think Mackenzie is pretty close to Mikayla.

    I'd say Tee-ra with that spelling. I also know a Tyra (tie-ra).
    I like Hailey best.

    Parker and Kit would be DARLING.

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    Mackenzie and Mikayla are too similar, yes.

    I'd pronounce Tira as tee-ruh, though it looks very much like the word "tired."

    I like the Hailey spelling, also the Hayley spelling.

    I like Catherine spelling, it's a good solid name. Catherine & Parker or Catherine Parker sound good.
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    Mackenzie and Mikayla are similar.
    Tira pronounced tee-ruh.
    Haylee, Haylie, Hayleigh, Hailey, Hailee are cute spellings
    I like Katherine, nicknames i have heard: Kate, Katie, Kathy, Kat, Kit, & Kae.

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    Mackenzie and Mikayla are quite similar. For sisters, I would say no, but for mommy and daughter? I think it could be fine. I would love to have a son named Asher, and I'm Ashley. I think it falls in the same category.

    Tira is okay... I would say TEER-ah, too. I think of a princess, and not in a positive light--more like, "Oh, look who thinks she's a princess..." *eyeroll* Probably because it sounds so similar to tiara.

    I like Hayley the best. It just looks balanced to me. Although I generally spell it Haley when I hear it out loud, since that's the original spelling, I believe?

    I quite love Katherine/Catherine, actually. Catherine's on my short list. Parker and Katherine are really different (I think I might expect to meet a brother and sister, even though I much prefer Parker on a girl, when I'm being honest!), but Parker and Kit are adorable! How do you feel about just Kit? I normally wouldn't suggest it, but Parker and Kit are just too cute to pass up on! Do you like Katherine? If not, I would say no. Your mom had her chance to name little people. Now it's your turn. She may not agree with your taste, but you should get last say. And if you don't like Katherine, don't use Katherine. It happens to be my favorite of your options, but if you don't love it, don't use it.

    Good luck!
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