View Poll Results: Which middle name do you prefer for Emmanuelle (surname Blackburn)

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  • Emmanuelle Lily

    4 23.53%
  • Emmanuelle Jayne

    3 17.65%
  • Emmanuelle Maya

    1 5.88%
  • Emmanuelle Grace

    4 23.53%
  • Emmanuelle Eve

    5 29.41%
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    Middle name needed for Emmanuelle

    Hi, we are thinking Emmanuelle if our little one is a girl (Emmy as a shortened version) but trying to think of a middle name that would go. It should probably be one or 2 syllables as Emmanuelle is a long first name. I have some ideas but open to other suggestions too!

    Emmanuelle Lily
    Emmanuelle Jayne (my middle name)
    Emmanuelle Maya
    Emmanuelle Grace
    Emmanuelle Eve

    Her surname will be Blackburn which I think goes nicely Please let me know your thoughts!

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