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    Chloe Adriana - Balanced enough?

    To me, Chloe is a very fresh, pastel kind of name. I picture a fair blonde, blue or green eyes, slender build, pinks, blues like the sky and then greens like grass and new plants. It's a very Springtime name to me, and has a Euro feel.

    Whereas Adriana is deeper, darker colours. More grounded, and heavy, but with the ring of rich jewelry. It's a late Summer/early Autumn kind of name to me. It's the Carnival in Rio de Janerio yet the catwalk in Milan as well.

    I find Chloe Adriana to be a good balanced ground between the two names with out being too different.
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    Though flow beautifully and share Mediterranean origins. I like the combination.

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    Chloe Adriana works beautifully! I don't see Adriana as very deep & dark, but it is more grounded & yes, jewel-toned to me.

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    I really like it. They balance each other very well.

    Btw. Love love love Brisa from your sig.
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    I have very similar images of both names as you, especially Adriana. Personally I think they feel a little mismatched because the images are so different but if you are going for that vibe, I think it sounds great. Both names are lovely and it flows well

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