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    Emory, Emrys and Ember seem your best bets for names beginning with an E......

    Boyish/Surnames that you could get "Emme" from: Fleming, Remy
    Traditional girl names: Jemima, Gemma

    Good luck!
    Obsessing over names since 1964

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    I like it. You could call her Janie.

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    I think Aubrey would be nice with your other names. No nickname needed, but Bree would work.

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    For the record, my cousin is mary elizabeth and she's m.e. pronounced emme (: So as someone said, you could go that route if you wanted! I personally would go with another e name though. just my .02!

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    Unless you're 100% sure you want an Emme, would you consider another "E" nickname like Effie or Edie?

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