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    I love Alden, personally I think Jane sounds a little harsh with it, while I love Jane it has very strong sounds. Some other nickname options you might consider could be Enna, Anna, and maybe Liddy.

    As for Emme, Emery was my first thought or perhaps Clementine. Some others that might work Tamsin, Ember, Gemma, Jemima, Noemie, Rosemonde, Temperance

    Some other boyish names with girls nn: Adair nn Ada/Ari, Arden nn Ari, Ansel nn Annie/ Sally, Ferriby nn Faira, Malin nn Molly, Merrigan nn Mary, Penrose nn Penny/Rose, Persis nn Percy/Sissy, Rhonwen nn Winnie,
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    Alden sounds very masculine to me, especially with sisters Ellison and Evelyn. Auden would be better, with nickname Aud, Auds, Denna or Deni.

    I would suggest Della or Delli as a nickname for Alden.
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    Alden is too masculine... Hmmm, Ellison Kate, Evelyn Claire, and...
    Emilia Jane nickname Emme (pronounced Emmy).
    OR, Emerson Ruby (Emme), but I prefer Emilia Jane. :-)

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    I am not totally sold on Jane for the middle name. My first choice was Grace but there is apparently an online store called Alden Grace so I scrapped it. I do like Della as a nn. Auden is an interesting suggestion. Do you think it would be hard for people to pronounce?
    A friend suggested Emerett (sp?) Is it too made up looking/sounding?

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    Alden Jane is well outside my normal style, but for some reason it seems very elegant and grounded to me. A bit powerful, definitely on the masculine side but somehow it doesn't bother me the way that often does. I like it. Della's great, and Ada or Alda would be cute. I don't like Alden Grace as well.

    Emme could come from anything with an Em in the middle too. Artemis, Clemency, December, Demetria, Emrys, Jemima, Remember, even Wilhelmina.
    I do think Emilia fits really well with Ellie and Evie, though.

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