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    thoughts on these boy names!?

    -Dominic(nn nick)
    -Beau(nn bo)
    -Montgomery(nn monty)
    -john/jack(nn Jacky)
    -Colton(nn colt)

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    Oh! Several of your names are on my own list!

    -Alec/alek - cute and different but will probably get mixed in with all of the Alexander's and Alexandra's
    -Aaron - a bit dated to me, all of the Aaron's I know are around 30 and so I think soon this will be considered a "dad's" name
    -Tony - super dated
    -Dominic(nn nick) - not really my style but it's cute, would prefer Nico as the nickname
    -Beau(nn bo) - love this one!
    -Wyatt - very cute! Becoming popular though, if that's an issue to you
    -Montgomery(nn monty) - very cute and unique
    -Dean - love this one! So unique and yet immediately recognizable. And the James Dean reference is a plus in my book
    -Boone - I love it! But be warned almost no one else on NB does
    -john/jack(nn Jacky) - I find this boring and overdone
    -Wesley - I prefer Weston
    -Damon - don't like this at all
    -Daniel - somewhat boring but nice enough I suppose
    -Colton(nn colt) - loathe Colton but like Colt (it's my dog's name!)
    -Conway - very cute! Might add this to my own list
    -Silas - absolutely adore it! It's a NB favorite for sure
    -McCoy - I like it, but it's not necessarily the best reference (hayfields and mccoys), but if Romeo and Juliet are acceptable I don't see why this shouldn't be
    -Reed - I like it! I also like the Reid spelling but prefer Reed for its nature connection

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    Alec/Alek - classy nickname for Alexander/Aleksander, but insubstantial on its own
    Aaron - A little dated, but you could get away with it. A solid Biblical choice.
    Tony - I kinda like it, but also nickname-y.
    Dominic nn Nick - sounds stuffy and European. Reminds me of dominoes.
    Beau - Tease-worthy once he reaches middle school - the first half of "beautiful" on a guy won't fair well.
    Wyatt - Sounds unattractive to my ears.
    Montgomery nn Monty - I love it!
    Dean - I really like this one as well.
    Boone - Another one I find unattractive.
    John/Jack(nn Jacky) - Not a huge fan of John. I like Jack, but I'm always hesitant as to its nickname-ness.
    Wesley - interesting.
    Damon - Makes me think of Matt Damon, and misspelled Damion.
    Daniel - Not bad.
    Colton(nn colt) - Meh.
    Conway - Subway, freeway...Conway.
    Silas - Love it! One of those awesome vintage-y names.
    McCoy - definitely innovative. I prefer McGill, actually.
    Reed - Also meh.
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    -Alec/alek-- I love it w/the proper spelling (Alec, not Alek), but boys w/this name sometimes get characterized as troublemakers.
    -Aaron--ok, good Biblical history
    -Dominic(nn nick)--like it
    -Beau(nn bo)--Beau is pronounced 'Bo', it's a French word for handsome.
    -Wyatt--ok, but I'm not a fan of 'W' names ('cept for Winslow & William)
    -Montgomery(nn monty)--dislike the nn
    -Dean--ok, esp. as a mn
    -john/jack(nn Jacky)--prefer Jack on its own or as nn for John
    -Damon--a bit close to demon
    -Colton(nn colt)--nice
    -Reed--love it!

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    Alec - I am a little bit biased, but this is my brother's name, I think it is handsome and strong and is definitely substantial enough to stand on it's own, it actually is it's own name. However, you will always be correcting people and saying Alec not Alex.
    Aaron - I like this name, I have known several Aaron's (they are all now in their mid-to-late twenties, usually very gentlemanly sweet guys)
    Tony - It's okay, the first thing that comes to mind to me is Tony Danza, I prefer Anthony.
    Dominic - This name rocks, I love Dominic!
    Beau - I have always liked the name Beau, has a southern style charm to it.
    Montgomery - It's okay, I don't particularly like the nn Monty, but I knew a guy who went by that name who I wasn't fond of so it's just me I think
    Wyatt - Great name, classic cowboy, think Wyatt Earp. Love it.
    Dean - Handsome and simple! Love that it is very simple, easy to spell, easy to say, yet you won't have five other kids in your son's class with that name
    Boone - It's okay, it's not my favorite, but there's nothing wrong with it
    John/Jack - Prefer Jack
    Wesley - Great name! Nn Wes is cool if you like it
    Damon - I prefer Damian
    Daniel - I know this is crazy but I have always liked Danny way better than the name Daniel, not sure why just have always preferred it
    Colton - I like it! Especially like the nn Colt!
    Conway - It sounds like a shipping company
    Silas - Awesome name, handsome and vintage
    McCoy - I think it could work
    Reed - This one is nice, I think I prefer as a middle name though

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