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    looking for 2nd twin name... if both are girls

    We will hopefully find out on Friday if our twins are boys or girls.

    A little background: We have a 5 yr old son, Weston Christopher. MN is after my Dad.

    If the twins are both boys:
    1. Keagan Nathaniel - Keagan is DH's fave, MN is after my brother
    2. Landon or Griffin - MN to be determined. I like Samuel, William, Charles and Miller - all family names

    The girl's name we have about 90% agreed on is Emerson, nn Emme.
    In my family, first born daughters have the middle name Mary Elizabeth, and I plan on carrying that through.

    So, if we have b/g twins, they will most likely be Keagan Nathaniel and Emerson Mary-Elizabeth.

    But the big question... what if we have 2 daughters???

    So, my big request:
    Help me with suggestions for a second girl's name. Please.

    - Can not be in the Top 50. Our last name is Jones....
    - Has to be easy to pronounce/recognize
    - should it also be unisex with a feminine nickname?
    - thinking of the mn Linda-Marie, to honor all the aunts, and keeping with the style of our first one.

    My current faves: Eden, Caroline, Rosalind...


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