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    Anna-If Lee is the middle name when will other kids even know that? To me Anna Lee is perfectly fine.
    Isla-I am not sure of Isla’s history but it is a name not unheard of in NZ where I am from. (WE are not Scotish either)! I think it is a lovely name! However it is very close to Leah. I also think Neve is too close to Evie.
    Leah, Evie and Drea
    Leah, Evie and Arden
    Leah, Evie and Liv
    My suggestion: Leah, Evie and Maeva
    current favorite names:



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    I would avoid Anna Lee and Isla is close in sound with the Biblical classic Leah and stylistically the odd one out with vintage Genevieve. Isla seems flimsy in comparison, though it is a lovely name, I just see it becoming trendy like the names you mentioned (Ella, Mia), because it is a 2 syl girl name ending in la.

    Mary- Mary Lee seems a bit plain compared to her sister's names
    Maryanna- I prefer Marian or Miriam
    Brynn- Doesn't fit with the sibset stylistically or Lee, I would use at least a 2 syl name w/ 1 syl Lee
    Georgia- I wouldn't use another G name
    Marian- Love this!
    Mirren- Makes me immediately think of actress Helen
    Drea- Seems incomplete
    Liv- beautiful name and meaning but Liv Lee doesn't sound that great to me
    Neve- Too close to GeNEVieve, but I love the name, how about Maeve?
    Adele- I love ths with Leah and Genevieve BUT... out loud Adele Lee sounds like "a deli"
    Arden- Like Brynn, pretty but a different style
    Drew- too unisex with sisters, I would assume she was a boy, especially with androgynous Lee
    Seren- this is Pretty but Seren Lee reminds me of the food co. Saralee
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    I like Leah, Evie, and Naomi Lee!

    I know it's not on your list, but I have a Leah and Naomi of my own, and I think it's a great sis combo

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    Thank you all so much for your suggestions and honest opinions!
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    I love Marian nn Mary

    Leah, Evie, and Mary sounds adorable!

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