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    What do you think of my eclectic list?

    Tell me which names you like least/best and if you feel up to it, what you think of each name. I have an eclectic style for girls names: I class classic and vintage names, but also unisex names. I don't mind names that are considered popular. Sister to Max and Levi and sister Dani.


    Others I like but probably wouldn't use:
    -Grace nn Gracie
    -Beatrice nn Bea
    -a name you'd pick for me?

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    Of these choices, I think Lena would make a great sister for your sibset!
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    Violet is my favorite.
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    I wouldn't use Audrey, Aubrey or Lily since they share the same ending sound as Dani

    -Mia: I really like this in your set, especially with Dani but it does start with M like Max, not sure if that bothers you, I'm guess not since it's on your list. I also like that it is 3 letters like Max. Dani and Levi are both 4 and end in i while Max and Mia are both 3 and start with M.
    -Violet: I like that this is short and has a different ending but I don't think the style is quite right
    -Neve: This is another contender. It's not my personal favorite but it hits all the marks lenght and style wise.

    I like the idea of another short name for your set how about:
    Max, Levi, Dani and Alexa
    Max, Levi, Dani and Ava
    Max, Levi, Dani and Ella
    Max, Levi, Dani and Eva
    Max, Levi, Dani and Fay
    Max, Levi, Dani and Jade
    Max, Levi, Dani and Mae
    Max, Levi, Dani and Stella
    Max, Levi, Dani and Tess
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    Neve and Lena sound like good choices for your family.
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