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Thread: Owen?

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    Thoughts? I've always overlooked it but now it's winning me over! Which spelling do you prefer- Owen, Eoin or Eoghan? If it helps, we have picked out Mairead (mah-raid) for a girls name, so Owen/Eoin/Eoghan could potentially have a sister Mairead in the future. We are in the US so I'm worried about pronunciation issues with Eoin/Eoghan (though I'm not bothered by the Mairead spelling but Eoin & Eoghan are a bit more difficult...). I love how Mairead & Eoghan look together though! What do you all think? Thanks!
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    I really like Owen, It's my favorite boys name right now! I prefer the Owen spelling

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    I know someone with a Mairead and thought it was pronounced My-read. Learned something new today! I actually like my make-believe pronunciation better. I agree that Eoghan looks better with Mairead, but will most likely be butchered regularly.

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    Love Owen! It is one of my favorite boy names. While I like the way the Eoghan spelling looks with Mairead I think that if you plan on living in the US that he will have issues with how to say it from others.

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    It's a wonderful name. Very handsome. I also prefer the spelling Eoghan but Owen is fine too.

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