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Thread: Romilly

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    Romilly is a unisex name so no I don't find it frilly or feminine. It's a favorite love for both genders but the sound is more boyish (I pronounce it Rom-illy). For a boy, I like the nn, Rome and for a girl, Romy

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    I prn. it like you, Roh-milly. I love it and think it has all of the qualities you like about it. Romy is a fantastic nn.

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    It's a pretty name, I like how the more masculine RO sound balances out the frilliness of the milly. I'd like Rumilly better. My only concern with an unusual name that ends the way this one does is that it sounds and is spelled, upon first impression, like perhaps the parents are just TRYING to be different. Still, that might fall off once people meet the person with the nice and unusual name.

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