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    Imogen-- Love it!
    Clementine-- Ditto!
    Rosamund-- OK, but I prefer Rosalind, Rosemary, Rosa, Rosabelle, Rose
    Florence-- Lovely-- my g. grandma's name

    Genevieve-- One of my fav names
    Georgiana-- NMS
    Helena-- NMS
    Evangeline-- Top pick for me
    Selma-- NMS
    Juliet-- Seriously considered this one as a middle so LOVE it!

    Guilty pleasure:
    Artemis-- NMS
    Echo-- NMS
    Scout-- Too many dogs named this around me

    Bliss-- Cute
    Joy-- NMS
    Felicity-- NMS
    Clemency-- NMS
    Lark-- OK
    Eliza-- NMS
    Hero-- NMS

    I know a woman named Eros which I think is nice on her. And I love Athena.
    *Magnolia Anouk /Evangeline/Evelina Charlotte Rue/Junia Evangeline/Viviana Wildflower/ Georgiana Soleil/Sylvie Wilhelmina Moon/ Guinivere Ione Moon*

    *Alive, Amoret, Cordelia, Olive, Beatrix, Eugenie, Marigold, Luna, Snow, Matilda, Fleur, Florence*

    *Augusten Wolf/ Magnus Jude/August Jasper/Jude/Cyrus Jude/Lev*

    *Osias, Caius, Finlo, Westley,Ivo, Grey, Thatcher, Ignatius, Hawthorne, Benedict, Atlas, Asher, Hugo,Caspian, August *

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    Imogen - I've never gotten the appeal of this name. It seems very harsh and grating and just reminds me of Ingen (Jurassic Park)
    Clementine- this is lovely and refreshing, and Minnie makes an adorable nickname
    Rosamund - my least favorite of the Rose names. I find the -mund ending rather unattractive
    Florence - it's ok, but definitely not a favorite. One of my least favorite place names

    Genevieve - very pretty, but possibly a little overly flowery
    Georgiana - Love it!! Especially pronounced jor-jay-na
    Helena - ok, good namesakes
    Evangeline - pretty sounding, but way too religious sounding for my taste. What if your child ends up not being Christian? Then it's just ironic
    Selma - reminds me of slime
    Juliet - pretty but a little boring compared to the rest of your list

    Guilty pleasure:
    Artemis - Love it!! Such a fantastic choice, and completely useable
    Echo - I like it, but I'm not crazy about the myth
    Scout - adorable! And such a great literary namesake! Would use this in a heartbeat

    Bliss - I know a Blyss and honestly she was very promiscuous and unintelligent so the name doesn't come across well to me
    Joy - very simple, could work well
    Felicity - ok
    Clemency - greatly prefer clementine
    Lark - love this one!
    Eliza - ok
    Hero - another great choice!

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    Imogen - adorable choice very pretty and feels very English. I love Imogen!
    Clementine - a European sounding choice, very fresh and elegant.
    Rosamund - I adore 'rose' names and Rosamund is a stunning 'rose' choice.
    Florence - another elegant name, she looks lovely and has beautiful associations

    Genevieve - I love this name she's so elegant, pretty and has a delightful French feel.
    Georgiana - Ugh I hate George names including Georgiana
    Helena - I hate Helen (my sister's name) but love Helena she's lovely
    Evangeline - she's very pretty and has this very light airy feel
    Selma - I'm not keen prefer Salma
    Juliet - I love Juliet she sounds so romantic, has beautiful associations with Shakespeare and is generally lovely

    Guilty pleasure:
    Artemis - this name is lovely has grown on me so much feels so majestic
    Echo - I'm not keen
    Scout - I like this name, but it's slightly pretentious I'm generally unsure.

    Bliss - She's a pretty middle name choice with a name that has a lot of strength like Vivienne.
    Joy - A very sweet, light name. I really adore Joy she's so sweet.
    Felicity - I love Felicity she feels so lovely and has a gorgeous feminine sound.
    Clemency - I really like Clemency she sounds very fruity and lush.
    Lark - A sparky choice very sweet with a name like Charlotte.
    Eliza - A lovely Elizabeth variant, Eliza sounds pretty and fresh. I love the sound of Eliza
    Hero - Hmm I'm unsure in some ways I like this name the Shakespearean associations and on the other hand Hero feels pretentious I'm generally unsure.

    Imogen Felicity
    Clementine Eliza
    Rosamund Lark
    Florence Clemency
    Genevieve Eliza
    Helena Artemis
    Juliet Bliss

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    Imogen - YES!
    Clementine- Oh, my darling isn't a big problem anymore, but the fruit is.
    Rosamund - It's not my favorite, but I don't hate it.
    Florence - This is okay, but the real asset is the nickname Flossie!
    Genevieve - It's an amazing name, but I hate to even think about spelling problems.
    Georgiana - Much too long. I like Georgina better.
    Helena - Helen-ah or Hel-AY-Nah or Hel-EE-Nah?
    Evangeline - <3
    Selma - This is one of the few names that truly sounds old to me, plus "Sell Ma" jokes.
    Juliet - Shatter Me by Tahreh Mafi, plus Romeo...I'm not sure about this, but the connections aren't terrible.
    Guilty pleasure:
    Artemis - I know the original character was a goddess, but thanks to Eoin Colfer it's a male name.
    Echo - I really, really like this...
    Scout - As a nickname.

    Bliss - Love!
    Joy - I think it sounds like Joey, as in the boys' name.
    Felicity - An American Girl doll. That's not a bad thing, but it doesn't help the name either.
    Clemency - I like the sound, but someone mentioned it's a legal term. Try Constancy instead.
    Lark - I like this! Just don't go with Larkin unless it's a boy.
    Eliza - It's not my favorite nickname for Elizabeth, but it's a whole lot better than Liza...
    Hero - Just don't, especially for a girl. Superman and sandwiches, anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    Imogen Dislike, harsh sounding, brings to mind a homely person.
    Clementine Too flowery.
    Rosamund nms.
    Florence Too granny sounding.

    Genevieve Ok, too princess hoity toity sounding to me. I prefer Giselle which is similar.
    Georgiana I prefer Georgia, although this name is pretty, just a little long and too much name for my style which is more simple
    Helena Helen sounds so old to me and not in a good way. Prefer Lena much more.
    Evangeline This name is long and a lot of name, but I actually love this so much. Could use Lena or Eva as nn.
    Selma Ok, but I knew a great grandma with this name, a really strong personality, so I can only think of her when I hear this.
    Juliet Beautiful, but dislike the association of death with this name from Romeo and Juliet.

    Guilty pleasure:
    Artemis way too sci fi or something for me
    Echo NOOOOOOO> Tacky.
    Scout I like this a lot b/c of the literary connection, and I know a couple people who have named their daughter this. I don't think I'd be brave enough to use it though.

    Bliss Horrible.
    Joy Love.
    Felicity Like.
    Clemency Ok.
    Lark Ok, what about Laken or Locklyn.
    Eliza LOVE, one of my fae names.
    Cringe when I hear these kinds of names, it's like someone naming their daughter Precious or Chastity. Too much to put on a person.

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