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    brutally honest opinions wanted on my girls list

    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    You have a lovely list !

    From the love :

    Imogen : i like it . Immy is just adorable .
    Clementine : I dont know why but i never like that name
    Rosamund : One of my favorite Rose names . The nn Romy is lovely .
    Florence : One of my favorites . Such a refress choice .

    From the like :

    Genevieve : Love althought i slightly prefer Guinevere
    Georgiana : Love it !! I espessially adore the Pride & Prejudice connection .
    Helena : Like it althought i prefer Elena spelling
    Evangeline : Love it . Espessially with the nn Eve & Evie .
    Selma : My least favorite . Sound ugly to me .
    Juliet : Stunning name !!

    For the guilty pleasures i would use them all !! Stunning names & totally usable .

    Artemis : LOVE it . Some people will tell you to use this on a boy but who want to name her son after a goddess ? ( no offence to anyone )
    Echo : Love it .
    Scout : Love it espessialy with the book association . Bad a ** name !

    for the middles i would keep them all espessialy Hero .

    Do you need any first & middle combos ?

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    Imogen - a lovely Shakespearean gem
    Clementine - its sweetness makes me smile!
    Rosamund - One of my favourite -Rose names.
    Florence - One of the few place names I love.

    Genevieve - Gorgeous!
    Georgiana - Lush and elegant
    Helena - beautiful name of depth and history
    Evangeline - the Catholic girl in me loves this one! I love the poem too!
    Selma - uh, I like vintage names but this is not a fave. The worst name on your list so far!
    Juliet - A tragic Shakespearean heroine but the name is pretty.

    Guilty pleasure:
    Artemis- I think this is lovely as a first name too!
    Echo - I don't like the myth behind it! Why would anyone want to call a girl Echo, Woman need strong voices to be heard!
    Scout - Boy Scout! Cute as a nn but can you see a grown woman or a grandmother with this name?

    Bliss - I find this name kind of cheesy even in the middle spot.
    Joy - Perfectly fine but not my favourite word name
    Felicity - I love this name. It makes me happy!
    Clemency - Ok but I prefer Clementine.
    Lark - A nice one for the middle spot
    Eliza - spunky
    Hero - yeah, she was a FEMALE mythological figure but the name still seems masculine to me. On par with Bliss for cheesiness.
    All the best,

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    Imogen - Love. Underused in the States, but common enough in England. Strange, ethereal sound, but very substantial and weighty, too.
    Clementine - Love it in theory, but when I actually say it aloud, it sounds like it should be the name of a household cleaner.
    Rosamund - Love, regardless of pronunciation, but the hard O version is growing on me daily.
    Florence - Great meaning and history, wonderful namesakes, and references a fabulous city to boot! A lovely name all around with many potential nicknames.

    Genevieve - My favourite name at the moment. You really can't beat that meaning "woman of the people," and a great saint, too.
    Georgiana - Love when pronounced jor-JAY-nuh. Find it a little too country for my tastes when pronounced "jor-jee-AH-nuh" or jor-jee-ANN-uh," and worst of all, "jor-JAN-uh."
    Helena - Love when pronouced Helen + uh, but don't like "huh-LAY-nuh." (When pronounced thus, sounds too much like Elena, Elaine, Alaina...just blends into a whole host of names)
    Evangeline - Cute
    Selma - Aww, I like it. A little country, but sweet.
    Juliet - Love.

    Guilty pleasure:
    Artemis - Yes, go for it!
    Echo - Cute!
    Scout - Maybe as a nickname.

    Bliss - too literal? Not a fan at all. Hissy and somewhat hippiefied.
    Joy - Sweet. Literal, too, but has been used as a name long enough that the effect is dulled.
    Felicity - LOVE! Would make a great first, too!
    Clemency - Prefer Clemence by a long shot.
    Lark - Like!
    Eliza -Like! As a first, too.
    Hero - Literal, not a big fan.

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    Imogen- pretty but not my favorite
    Clementine- I think it's just ok
    Rosamund- really like a lot
    Florence- pretty and lots of great nicknames

    Genevieve- lovely name
    Georgiana- too long, I prefer Georgia or Georgina
    Helena- really like it
    Evangeline- very pretty
    Selma- I like it, unique
    Juliet- its ok, I'm not a big fan of Jul- names

    Artemis- its ok
    Echo- don't like
    Scout- better as a nickname

    Bliss- not a fan
    Joy- lovely middle name
    Felicity- like it
    Clemency- no thank you
    Lark- fun
    Eliza- cute
    Hero- its ok

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