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    MN for Fletcher


    We are due with our son in October and have yet to finalize his name. My husband is set on a family name for the middle name. I love his MN which is Alden, but the initials will be FAB for his name, which he isn't too crazed about, also the person he is named after wasn't the nicest man and it has been used already again in the family etc. My thoughts, who cares, it's YOUR name and YOUR son! But, I am leaving it up to him b/c it's his choice to use his name or not. Anyways, he wants to use some sort of tribute to his grandfather and uncle (same name, both passed) which is John Carl. I am not a fan of either name because they are both common and overused, I like interesting and something that no one has, but I do want to pay tribute in some way. Jack and Jax are out b/c they don't sound right with it. I also LOVE Malone as a MN which means disciple of John, so sort of an indirect tribute to his GF, but he doesn't like that it's super Irish. Ugh. I am at a loss! Help!

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