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Thread: Help help help!

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    Help help help!

    I am due in 4 weeks and panicking about name for my baby girl! I have a boy called Archie already. I want something not too common but not too weird that matches Archie! If Archie was a girl he would have been Lola or Eva but I just find both names far to common now as much as I like them! I like Lilah but my OH prefers Delilah which can be shortened to Lilah... I also like Tallulah/Lula/lulu as nicknames! Another name we both like is Luna but I don't know it this really goes with Archie! Just wanted opinions on what u think Is nicer Delilah or just Lilah alone or whether Luna does go? Or should or stick with my original names Lola or Eva! Any other suggestions welcome!!

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    Lola definitely not common here in Australia! and So cute! I really like Lilah but I think Delilah is a great compromise because you can use the nn Lola.
    Also, Eva is not that common here is Aus either, but more so than Lola.

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    I really love Delilah, I think it's a very melodic name and I also think it would go great with Archie.

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    I agree, Delilah is beautiful, goes well with Archie and can get you the nn Lilah. It's my favorite of your choices.

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    I agree that Archie and Delilah sound great together. Where I live though, Lola is not very common; at least I've never met a Lola.
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