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  • Annabelle/Annabel

    43 43.43%
  • Anna

    28 28.28%
  • Claire

    34 34.34%
  • Ellen

    13 13.13%
  • Lily

    23 23.23%
  • Emily

    10 10.10%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I love Anna, Ellen, and Claire!

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    I like Anabel and Claire. I love Clara. The numerous spellings of Anabel bother me.
    Emily is fine, just really popular so I wouldn't be excited to meet one.

    Ellen is probably the most interesting on your list. I know an 11 year old Ellen and always thought it was a unique name for a young girl. Elle is a nice spunky nn too!
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    Thank you all!

    This feedback is great and its made me feel a lot better about this list of names. The majority of you are favouring the ones I like the most so thats reassuring!

    Out of them all - Annabel (or Anna NN), Ellen are my favourites and also Claire. But not sure if was best to use Claire as a middle name.

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    I'm not really loving them either. I voted for Claire, because at least it makes a good middle name.

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    My favorites from that list are Claire, Ellen, and Lily however I like all of them. While I don't mind popularity if I LOVE a name, especially now a days with less babies being named popular names, if i'm not in love with a name it being too popular does make me cross it off my list so to speak. I think Emily is overdone these days. Just my opinion though.
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